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How to Prepare & What to Bring


To help the admissions process proceed as quickly and easily as possible, please bring:

  • Your health insurance plan card
  • Your prescription insurance plan card
  • A list of all the medications you currently taking
  • Personal identification (such as a driver's license)
  • HMO/PPO referral forms (if required)
  • Medical records, X-ray records, or prior test results (if your physician has requested them)
  • Written letter of authorization from your insurance carrier (if you are covered by workers' compensation)
  • A check or credit card for deductibles, copayments or deposits
  • A copy of your advance directive or living will
  • Essential personal items, such as glasses (and glasses cases), dentures, or hearing aids. Please put your name on all items.
  • Please bring a form of payment as you may have a co pay on the day of surgery.

Do Not Bring


Leave all valuables at home or send them home with a family member or friend upon admission to the hospital. This includes jewelry, watches, cash, credit cards, wallets, purses, cameras, cell phones, laptops, or any other items that would be considered a loss if misplaced. If family members are not present, valuable items should be given to the nursing staff to be secured in a safe.

Medications From Home

Bring a current medication list to the hospital. This includes herbal and over-the-counter medications as well as prescription medications. If a list is not available, bring in the medication containers for the pharmacist to review. The containers can then be taken home by a family member or friend or stored by the pharmacy for retrieval prior to discharge.

Lost Items

While Torrance Memorial is not responsible for patient and visitor personal belongings, we try to return lost items to their owners. To file a lost items report, please contact the Administration Department at 310-517-4612.

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