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At Torrance Memorial Delpit Cardiac Rehabilitation Center, a service of the Lundquist Lurie Cardiovascular Institute, our specialists provide comprehensive rehabilitation services for patients who are living with cardiovascular conditions or recovering from cardiovascular procedures, such as:

About Our Program

Cardiac Rehab patient on stationary bikeThe Delpit Cardiac Rehabilitation Center is housed in a beautiful, state-of-the-art facility and provides the highest quality rehabilitative care to approximately 75 patients each day. We accept patients who are referred from physicians at health systems throughout the South Bay.

Our Cardiac Rehabilitation Program is run by experienced registered nurses who have obtained special certification in cardiac rehabilitation, as well as an exercise physiologist. In addition to providing medically supervised exercise therapy for patients, our specialists help patients identify and modify risk factors for heart disease, provide lifestyle education, and offer emotional support. 

A Three-Stage Approach Yields Excellent Outcomes

Our Cardiac Rehabilitation Program uses a structured, methodical approach to give patients the strength, endurance and tools they need to achieve the highest possible level of recovery.

Phase 1: Inpatient

While still in the hospital, our cardiac rehabilitation nurse will work with the patient to gradually and safely increase activity levels, provide information about the patient's disease and treatment, answer questions, address concerns and give the patient and family guidelines and instructions for going home.

Phase 2: Outpatient

After patients are discharged from the hospital, they will return to the hospital two to three times per week for outpatient cardiac rehabilitation. Each two-hour session includes one-and-a-half hours of medically supervised exercise and a half-hour of education. The Cardiac Rehabilitation Program typically takes three months. 

Our specialists use metabolic equivalents (METs) to measure tolerance for physical activity. Many of our patients successfully advance to the 5-MET exercise tolerance level, which means that they can safely engage in moderate-intensity activities when they are discharged from the program. 

Phase 3: Fitness Center Membership

After patients complete the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program, they have the option to participate in a structured, medically supervised maintenance program to support their ongoing cardiovascular health. 

How to Get Started

Each patient plays a crucial role in his or her own recovery, so it's important for each patient to become an active participant in their treatment. The patient and/or family can discuss entering a cardiac rehabilitation program with the patient's doctor.

  • An order from the doctor is required
  • Most insurance plans cover Phase 1 and 2

To get started, contact our team at the Delpit Cardiac Rehabilitation Center at 310-517-4737.

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