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Cancer Rehabilitation

One of the most important aspects of the cancer journey is recovery after cancer treatment. Feeling healthy, energized and fit leads to the best quality of life and may reduce the risk of cancer reoccurrence. The Torrance Memorial Rehabilitation Department's team of occupational, physical and speech therapists provides assessment, an individualized program and personalized coaching to help cancer survivors achieve their optimal level of functioning.

Get Back Into Exercise

  • Develop a personalized exercise program and improve overall fitness in a safe and supervised setting.
  • Benefits include decreased fatigue, improved sense of well-being, weight control, better sleep and increased energy.
  • Learn about reduced-cost exercise opportunities in the community to continue your fitness program.

Cope with Physical Limitations and Ability Change

  • Learn simple home and workplace modifications that promote independent functioning.
  • Improve balance and reduce risk of falls and accidental injury.
  • Learn cognitive strategies to improve memory problems caused by chemotherapy.
  • Caregiver coaching to maintain progress at home.

Lymphedema Management

  • Individualized program to control abnormal swelling and fluid accumulation that can occur particularly in the limbs as the result of surgery and radiation therapy.
  • Benefits include reduced risk of infection, improved appearance and better physical function.
  • Learn how to manage lymphedema at home.
  • Free monthly support group to meet the therapist and learn from others.
  • Lymphedema therapists are offering free lymphedema screenings by appointment only. Screenings take about 15 minutes. Call 310-517-4735 ext. 20826 to make our appointment.

Bladder Retraining

  • Training and biofeedback to strengthen bladder control muscles and reduce urine leakage at home.

Swallowing Retraining

  • Improved coordination of throat function to reduce the risk of choking.

Recover from Laryngectomy

  • Coaching to increase confidence when eating or speaking in social situations.

For additional information about the Cancer Rehabilitation Program, call 310-517-4735. All evaluations and treatments are performed per a physician’s order. Most insurance carriers require pre-authorization for outpatient evaluation.

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