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Meet the Radiology & Imaging Team 

At Torrance Memorial Medical Center, the Department of Radiology strives to deliver the best and the most comprehensive medical imaging care in the South Bay area. We have a reputation as a leader in radiology excellence and have attracted some of the most respected and superbly trained radiologists to our staff. We are committed to delivering personalized, compassionate and supportive care by highly skilled experts. We are proud to offer the complete range of medical imaging services in a friendly, safe and caring environment.


Radiologists are doctors who have completed advanced training in the interpretation of medical images. They look inside the body to identify, diagnose and treat illnesses, injuries and other disease. Radiologists work closely with primary care and specialty physicians to provide expert care for patients of all ages with a range of medical issues, including cancer, cardiac, pulmonary and neurological conditions, orthopedic injuries and more. At Torrance Memorial our board-certified radiologists are distinguished physicians with specialty fellowship training in all the major disciplines of radiology.

Radiologic Technologists

Our staff includes trained, licensed radiology professionals who help ensure patient comfort and safety throughout an imaging procedure. Radiology technologists are here to explain your exam, help position you properly and provide real-time monitoring of the computer-generated exam images.

The radiology technologist evaluates image quality and sometimes assists the radiologist in identifying potentially significant findings. Radiology technologists are trained in the use of various imaging technologies, including standard x-rays, CT, MRI, ultrasound, PET/CT, and a wide variety of specialized imaging procedures for diagnosis and management of disease.


Our radiology management staff is here to help maintain the quality of Torrance Memorial's radiology services and ensure that patients have a positive experience in the Radiology Department. They are held responsible for leadership and direction in accordance with organizational and departmental philosophy and goals. These chosen leaders aim to provide the highest degree of clinical/operational performance and customer satisfaction in Radiology Services.

Radiologic RNs

Our radiologic RNs have completed specialized training in the care of patients undergoing imaging procedures. The radiologic RN helps prepare patients for imaging studies, providing information about what to expect during and after their exam. Radiologic RNs administer IV contrast material when necessary and are also able to administer pain medications and sedation for complex procedures.

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