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Resources to Quit Smoking

Let Torrance Memorial help you kick the habit to the curb

Smokers have more tools than ever to help quit smoking for good – there’s a wide range of counseling services, smoking cessation programs, self-help materials, nicotine replacement therapies, support groups and medicines available.

Some people are able to quit on their own, without the help of others or the use of medicines. But for many smokers, it can be hard to break the social and emotional ties to smoking while getting over nicotine withdrawal symptoms at the same time. Fortunately, here at Torrance Memorial we have many services and programs to help you be smoke-free.

A Guide to Quit Smoking

Torrance Memorial guide to quit smoking will get you on the right path. Take charge of your health now by downloading our helpful Quit Smoking guide.

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Quit Smoking Resources

American Lung Association’s Freedom From Smoking Program

Want to stop smoking or vaping or help a loved one quit? The American Lung Association provides helpful tools, tips and support. The important thing is to keep trying to quit, until you quit for good.

Learn More About the Freedom From Smoking Program

Kids & Smoking/Vaping

The best way to prevent tobacco-related illness and death is to keep kids from starting to smoke or vape in the first place. See why kids start and get tips to talk to your kids about smoking and vaping.

Learn More About Kids & Smoking

If you smoke and would like to quit, offers web resources, instant messaging and a quit line staffed by counselors to support you in your efforts.


Become an Ex helps you develop a 3-step plan to quit smoking, and offers an online community to support you.


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Find a provider online or give us a call Monday through Friday from 9am to 4:15pm.

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