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Medicare Wellness Visits

Stay Healthy as You Age

Even if you are perfectly healthy right now, it's inevitable that advancing years will bring new health issues — and you have a right to receive care that is aligned with your priorities and values. If you already face medical challenges, it's even more important to take stock and make sure your doctor is aware of your priorities.

We urge you to take advantage of these no-cost consultations that provide an opportunity to identify your risks and clarify your wishes for treatment. We consider prevention a priority for our medical practice. Same-day scheduling for Medicare wellness visits is often available. All our primary care offices provide Medicare wellness exams.

Download the Medicare Annual Wellness Brochure

What is a Medicare Wellness Visit?

If you've had Medicare Part B for at least a year, you are entitled to have annual wellness visits to develop and/or update your personalized prevention plan based on your health right now. At this yearly visit, your doctor will ask you to fill out a questionnaire so he/she can work together with you to create a plan to keep you as healthy as possible for the next 12 months. You can schedule a no-cost wellness visit once each year; at the time of scheduling, 11 full months must have passed since your last such visit. At this visit you and your doctor will:

  • Talk with you about your medical and family history, including what may have changed in the past year.
  • Develop/update your current list of doctors (specialists) and the medications you take, including vitamins and supplements.
  • Take height, weight, blood pressure, and other routine measurements.
  • Assess your cognitive status and mental functioning.
  • Create a list of your specific health risk factors and outline your treatment options.
  • Give you a checklist and schedule of recommended health screenings, immunizations and preventive services, along with information on what Medicare pays for, what charges get applied to your Plan B deductible and what costs may need to be paid out of pocket, if any.
  • Discuss your overall health and answer your questions.

Improve Your Health At No Cost

Both of these one-on-one medical services – the one-time private preventive consultation and the annual wellness visits -- are available at no cost to you if you have Medicare; your Part B deductible does not apply. It's smart to take this opportunity to review your health, to learn what you can and should do to stay strong and well and to review your health and care priorities. You'll stay healthy and feel more in control and your family will appreciate your efforts to do so.

Important note: There may sometimes be additional charges (and/or Plan B deductible may apply) if your doctor performs additional, uncovered tests/services or recommends more frequent appointments. We invite your questions about costs and Medicare coverage so please, always, feel free to ask!

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