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Our orthopedic experts use the latest technology to optimize patient care and offer a full range of leading-edge treatments and therapies, including:

Radiology & Imaging

Torrance Memorial orthopedists have access to the latest imaging systems, including MRI, CT, ultrasound and X-ray technology.

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Minimally Invasive Arthroscopic Surgeries

Using evidence-based surgical techniques, our surgeons perform minimally invasive arthroscopic procedures whenever possible to reduce the risk of complications and blood loss, returning patients to their lives and activities more quickly.

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Nonsurgical Treatments

Our orthopedics specialists offer a full range of nonsurgical treatments to help patients manage and recover from injury.

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Pain Management

Torrance Memorial orthopedic specialists and anesthesiologists use multimodal pain management strategies to reduce narcotic use, including advanced techniques such as nerve blocks and spinal cord stimulators.

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Physical Therapy

Torrance Memorial patients have access to comprehensive inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services designed to quickly and safely return them to everyday activities after orthopedic surgery.

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Reconstruction & Joint Replacement Surgeries

Torrance Memorial's surgical standardization, quality and post-surgical rehabilitation excellence allow our team to offer same-day outpatient joint replacement surgeries for select patients. Same-day surgery - which may not be available at other South Bay hospitals - allows joint replacements and reconstruction patients to avoid an overnight hospital stay and recover safely at home.

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Revision Surgeries

Out surgeons perform revisions surgeries for patients when appropriate.

Robotic Surgeries

Our surgeons have access to robotic surgical technology that uses advanced imaging-based intraoperative navigation and mapping to increase implant placement accuracy.

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Pre-Optimization Care

In partnership with Beach Cities Health District's Center for Health & Fitness, Torrance Memorial offers pre-surgical rehabilitation for patients scheduled to undergo total joint replacement. "Pre-hab" begins 4-6 weeks before surgery and is led by a medical exercise specialist who guides patients through specific exercises to help the body recover more quickly.

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Recovery Tracking App

Torrance Memorial orthopedic specialists use the mobile app to guide patients through their surgical journey and provide tailored patient education and activities. The app links to technology that can help physicians monitor patient outcomes.

Bloodless Surgeries

Our surgeons use innovative techniques to reduce blood loss and the need for blood products whenever possible, lowering the risk of complications, reducing recovery time for patients and providing a safe surgical option for patients who do not wish to receive blood products.

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