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Neurological Intensive Care Unit

Torrance Memorial’s Neurological Intensive Care Unit (Neuro ICU) provides round-the-clock, comprehensive monitoring and treatment for critically ill patients who are recovering from neurosurgery or a neurological disorder or injury.

Our team of neurointensivists — which includes neurosurgeons, neurologists, and advanced practice nurses— are highly trained and experienced in neurocritical care. Our specialists have access to state-of-the-art technology that allows them to provide specialized monitoring, address complications, and deliver leading-edge, evidence-based treatment that promotes recovery and improves long-term outcomes.

Multidisciplinary Care

In addition to neurointensivists, your multidisciplinary team will include radiologists, pharmacists, respiratory therapists, rehabilitation specialists, registered dietitians, palliative care specialists, and social workers who deliver coordinated, interdisciplinary care for complications that may arise after treatment or during recovery. Your team will work together to provide care that effectively addresses complications and improves long-term neurological outcomes.

You will receive care at Torrance Memorial from our dedicated team of neurology and neurosurgery experts, eliminating your need to travel far from home to access leading-edge treatments and therapies. Our neurointensivists provide expert care for patients as they recover from conditions including:

  • Stroke
  • Ruptured aneurysm
  • Brain and spinal cord injury
  • Spinal cord disorders
  • Brain and spine malformations, such as AVMs or dural arteriovenous fistulas
  • Autoimmune, nerve, and muscle disorders, such as Guillain-Barré or myasthenia gravis
  • Seizures
  • Coma
  • Swelling of the brain
  • Encephalitis, or infection of the brain
  • Meningitis, or infections of the protective membranes of the brain or spine
  • Brain tumors

Continuing Your Recovery

When you receive care in our Neuro ICU, our specialists with work closely with you and your loved ones to make a plan for your continued recovery. Our specialists will recommend an ongoing rehabilitation plan that will return you to your highest possible level of functioning.

Based on the recommendations of your medical providers, our caring team members will make arrangements for you to transition to a rehabilitation or long-term care facility of your choice. If you are able to safely return home after your stay in our Neuro ICU, our specialists will ensure that you have access to the medical supplies and supportive services you need.

If you require outpatient rehabilitation, Torrance Memorial’s Neurological and Stroke Rehabilitation program offers convenient, coordinated care from a comprehensive team of rehabilitation experts, including physical, occupational, recreational, and speech therapists.

Cedars-Sinai Affiliation

Torrance Memorial’s affiliation with the neurology and neurosurgery team at Cedars-Sinai - which is ranked among the best hospitals in the nation for neurology and neurosurgery care by U.S. News and World Report - means that our patients have access to some of the nation’s top doctors, the most promising clinical trials, and the latest and best treatments.

In collaboration with Cedars-Sinai neurologists and neurosurgeons, Torrance Memorial’s team of neurointensivists will provide you with personalized intensive care services in state-of-the-art facilities located close to home.

Find Your Neurology Specialist

Call our free physician referral line and find a neurology specialist who meets your needs.


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