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Clinical Trials

The neurologists and neurosurgeons at Torrance Memorial Medical Center are committed to providing leading-edge care for people with neurological conditions that affect the brain, spine, and nervous system. Through our affiliation with the neurology and neurosurgery team at Cedars-Sinai, Torrance Memorial patients have access to a full range of Cedars-Sinai clinical trials for a variety of neurological conditions.

Specialists at the Lundquist Neurosciences Institute participate in the latest research, including clinical trials to advance stroke treatment:

  • WISP study – A new vessel wall imaging-based stroke registry which investigates the clinical utility of the whole-brain intracranial vessel wall magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technique in assessing the etiologies in patients with ischemic stroke.
  • TIMELESS study – Patients receive study drug tenecteplase (or placebo), a one-time drug with a longer half-life than the standard stroke thrombolytic, allowing for a single bolus administration.
  • CREST-2 trial – CREST-2 compares three different methods of stroke prevention to find the safest and most effective treatment – intensive medical management alone; intensive medical management in combination with carotid endarterectomy; intensive medical management with carotid stenting. (NOTE: Available at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center only. Torrance Memorial Medical Center eligible subjects can enroll in the trial. 

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