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Therapeutic Support

Psychological and behavioral therapy and support are important parts of the treatment process for individuals with eating disorders. While the focus of our Eating Disorders program is life saving medical intervention, our team also includes a psychiatrist, psychologist and family therapist—all of whom have extensive experience working with people struggling with eating disorders.

pet visitation dog with patientBecause psychiatric conditions often accompany eating disorders, special care and attention is given to this component of a patient's illness and recovery. Our therapeutic support team works with individuals and families by providing support, education, and recommendations for the patients' continued success after discharge.

The following services are part of each patient’s treatment plan:

  • Comprehensive diagnostic evaluation
  • Private psychotherapy sessions with a psychologist three times per week
  • Consultation with a pediatric/adolescent psychiatrist for medication evaluation and management
  • If necessary, a chemical dependency assessment and referral will be provided.

A family-based approach to treating eating disorders significantly improves outcomes and reduces relapse.

We offer the following services to our families:

  • Weekly private therapy sessions for the patient’s family
  • Extensive education focused on understanding the origin and progression of eating disorders
  • Assistance with decision-making and discharge planning

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