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Due to the current Covid-19 surge in the state of California, Torrance Memorial is experiencing a high volume of patients. For these reasons, residents of California will be given priority for admissions.

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Mother and daughter with therapistThe Torrance Memorial Eating Disorders medical unit specializes in treating people, ages 13-26, who need specialized care due to medical complications resulting from an eating disorder. Specifically, this program is designed for individuals who are too medically sick to be treated in a residential or outpatient eating disorder program.

Our eating disorders program allows these patients to begin recovery in the safest and most successful way possible while using their medical insurance benefits, rather than their behavioral health insurance benefits.

A patient may seek admission through self-referral or be referred by the following:

  • A pediatrician, internist or other primary care provider
  • A psychologist or therapist
  • An eating disorder program they are currently enrolled in or want to be enrolled in
  • College health center
  • Their family

Admission Guidelines

  • Significantly lower weight than is expected for your age and height
  • Rapid or excessive weight loss
  • A medical condition or low weight preventing you from going to an eating disorders treatment program
  • Digestive issues which may be interfering with eating
  • Abnormal lab tests, a slow heart rate, unstable pulse or blood pressure, and other severe medical complications related to an eating disorder

Admission Process

Upon receipt, your application will be reviewed for eligibility. Most applicants will have a screening interview with our psychologist prior to admission. If a bed is not immediately available you will be placed on a waiting list. During this time we may request medical records and/or additional information, even if you have been in the EDMU before.

Please note that placement on the waiting list does not guarantee acceptance and we reserve the right to limit admission to those who are most likely to benefit from the type of treatment we offer. If we are unable to accept you, we will provide you with a list of alternative programs which would be better suited to your situation.

Once accepted into the program, you will be notified and may make an admission appointment.

Follow these steps:

  1. Call our office at 310-325-4353 to make an appointment for assessment. Our office staff will discuss the appointment and other details with the patient, family or a referring provider. This phone discussion may include information regarding:
    • Symptoms and physical condition
    • Current treatment
    • Medical history
    • Insurance coverage
  2. Complete our intake forms. Download the application and fax to 310-325-5732 or scan and email to
  3. Obtain your medical records. Our staff can help you get the necessary medical records.
  4. Get your insurance authorization. Our staff can assist you in understanding your benefits and getting authorization.
  5. Schedule your admission. Depending upon your condition you may be admitted to the hospital directly from our offices after your assessment.

Accepted Insurance

Because our eating disorders program is in an acute care facility, your stay will be covered through your medical benefits, rather than your behavioral health benefits. This means that after discharge you will be able to use your full behavioral health benefits for further treatment.

Should you call your insurance provider before speaking with us, it is a good idea to determine whether your insurance plan is with a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO). We only accept PPO insurance.

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