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Structural Heart & Valve Disease


The cardiovascular surgeons and interventional cardiologists at Torrance Memorial offer a full range of procedures - including advanced minimally invasive procedures using catheter-based techniques - to treat all types of structural heart and heart valve conditions. Structural Heart and Valve disease is characterized by damage to or a defect in one of the four heart valves: the mitral, aortic, tricuspid or pulmonary.

Multidisciplinary Care

Our cardiovascular physicians provide state-of-the-art care using leading-edge technology and work collaboratively to deliver the best possible outcomes for patients. As part of a partnership between Cedars-Sinai and Torrance Memorial, our structural heart and valve care team – which includes cardiovascular surgeons, interventional cardiologists, cardiac hospitalists, and cardiac anesthesiologists – can leverage the expertise of Cedars-Sinai cardiovascular specialists who are available to provide advanced, specialized care to Torrance Memorial patients.

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During your examination, the doctor listens for distinctive heart sounds, known as heart murmurs, which indicate valvular heart disease. As part of your diagnosis, you may undergo one or more of the following tests:


Because structural heart and valve disease can be mild or severe, treatment options vary. Your doctor may suggest a treatment through medication or a surgical procedure to repair or replace a valve.

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