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For more than 25 years, our high treatment volume consistently places us within the top 4 community practices in California. Our treatment numbers exceed many university cancer centers. All of our nurses are chemotherapy certified and they take every step to ensure that your treatment is accurate, safe and comfortable.

Patient-Centered Design

Infusion CenterOur infusion centers are designed along the lines of a modern intensive care unit. Each infusion station is in close proximity to an oncology nurse work area, keeping patients easily visible. Each chemotherapy treatment is monitored from start to finish. Not only do our patients appreciate this extra attentiveness and security, they also enjoy the opportunity to converse with and receive support from fellow patients.

We ask that family members not sit with patients during treatment in order to minimize any distraction during the infusion. This permits our nurses to give our patients their undivided attention.

Safe & Compassionate Care

All chemotherapy drugs are obtained directly from the pharmaceutical supplier to ensure accuracy, purity, and proper handling to avoid degradation. We do not permit intermediaries to supply or to mix any of our treatments. All medications are stored in a state-of-the-art drug delivery system, LYNX, for which Cancer Care served as an early developmental site. This system is now widely used in hospitals and clinics to store important drugs.

Our pharmacy technicians and chemotherapy nurses mix every treatment on premises following strict guidelines for accuracy and purity. Chemotherapy infusions are ordered through a highly sophisticated computer system, iKnowMed. These and other important safety measures allow us to be certain that each treatment is prepared and given to exact specifications as directed by the oncologists.

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