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The term “sarcoma” describes cancer that originates in the bones or soft tissue of the body, including the cartilage, fat, muscle, blood vessels, fibrous tissue, or other connective or supportive tissue. The two main categories are:

  • Sarcomas that originate in the limbs, which account for the majority of sarcomas.
  • Sarcomas that originate in the abdomen.


See your doctor if you find any lumps, growths, unusual aches and pains or other unexplained symptoms, particularly on your arm or leg. Other symptoms of concern include abdominal pain, increasing abdominal girth, or unexplained weight loss.

Risk Factors for Sarcoma

  • Radiation
  • Certain family cancer syndromes
  • A damaged lymph system
  • Exposure to certain chemicals, particularly those used to manufacture plastics

Diagnosis and Treatment

If you experience symptoms that lead your doctor to suspect sarcoma, you’ll have imaging tests and a biopsy to determine if cancer is present.

Treatments for sarcoma include:

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