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Breast Cancer Survivorship

The Torrance Memorial Breast Cancer Survivorship Program is here to help you navigate your way through your questions and concerns. This may have been a very busy time for you, with multiple doctors' appointments, changes to your body and managing the effects of treatment. 

The goal of our program is to help you prepare for and successfully embark on your future once your treatment is complete. A Breast Cancer Nurse Navigator who specializes in cancer survivorship is available to work 1-on-1 with you to answer your questions, assist you in organizing the important documents describing your cancer treatment and address any health concerns you might have. 

Experience has shown us that keeping track of where you've been and setting a plan for the future are essential steps in the process of finding your way. We encourage you to download the following tools to help you map a path for your future.

Survivorship To-Do List

Locate useful resources and learn what medical records are important to keep for the future.

Download To-Do List [PDF]

Breast Cancer Treatment Record

Organize important information and documents concerning your cancer treatment. Once you've filled in all your information give a copy of this to your primary care physician. The Breast Cancer Treatment Record will provide your primary care physician with an excellent overview of all the treatments you've had and information that is important for planning your future healthcare needs.

Download Treatment Record [PDF]

Action Plans

If you're concerned about long term effects of your cancer or your cancer treatment download an action plan. Each plan gives provides information about a specific health problem, some management strategies and resource information to learn more about it.

Rehabilitation Program

One of the most important aspects of your cancer journey may be physical recovery to feel healthy and energized. The Torrance Memorial Rehabilitation program provides assessment, an individualized program and personalized coaching to help cancer survivors achieve their optimal level of functioning.

Additional Resources

From the National Cancer Institute call 800-422-6237 or click here for additional information.

Facing Forward: Life After Cancer Treatment

Information about post treatment issues such as follow-up medical care and practical ways of managing physical and emotional changes, and changes in social and work relationships.

Learn More about Facing Forward

The booklet After Treatment Ends: Tools for the Adult Cancer Survivor addresses many topics that you may find helpful as a cancer survivor.

Call 1-800-813-HOPE (4673) or visit for information.

Contact the Breast Cancer Nurse Navigator


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