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Breast Surgery

breast surgeonsWhen surgery is your best choice to treat breast cancer, feel confident in the skill of the surgeons and staff at Torrance Memorial’s Hunt Cancer Institute.

Choose an experienced team offering the full range of surgical breast cancer procedures:

  • Surgical biopsy – Uses a needle to remove a small sample of breast tissue for testing
  • Sentinel node biopsy – Checks if cancer has spread from the breast to the lymph nodes
  • Lumpectomy (breast-conserving surgery) – Removes a tumor while preserving as much of the breast as possible
  • Mastectomy – Removes all or part of the breast and, in certain cases, some of the surrounding lymph nodes and muscles
    • Nipple- and/or skin-sparing mastectomy – Preserves the nipple, areola and skin, especially if the surgeon will reconstruct your breast afterward

  • Axillary lymph node dissection, or axillary clearance – Removes lymph nodes affected by cancer from the armpit
  • Breast reconstruction – Restores the look and shape of the breast during or after another surgery

Advanced Technology & Techniques

Place your trust in surgeons with specialized training and access to the latest, most advanced technology. Because we use the least invasive techniques, you’ll benefit from:

  • Smoother, faster recovery with less impact on your life and body
  • Possible prevention of future surgeries

Depending on your procedure and other factors, your surgeon may use:

  • MarginProbe® – Device to check in minutes if the breast tissue surrounding a tumor is cancer-free during a lumpectomy
  • Sentinel lymph node mapping – Injects a small amount of radioactive material into the breast during a surgical biopsy to better identify and test the lymph nodes
  • Localization – Relies on imaging scans to mark the edges of a tumor and helps the surgeon accurately remove all the cancer with a small incision

Part of Your Care Plan

Like the rest of your breast cancer treatment plan, your procedure will be fully tailored to you. If your tumor is large, you may have chemotherapy before surgery to shrink the tumor.

Helpful Resources for Breast Surgery

Talk to a Breast Cancer Nurse Navigator

Call 310-784-6335 to speak to a knowledgeable and supportive nurse who can help you access treatments and resources that are right for you.

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