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About Hunt Cancer Institute

The care and services that we provide at the Hunt Cancer Institute are guided by a highly specific vision and a focused mission. Crafted collaboratively by our hospital leadership, oncology physicians and other cancer treatment specialists, our vision and mission statements keep us focused on our own high standards while also providing information to our community about the kind of treatment you can expect.

Our Vision

At Torrance Memorial Medical Center, our goal is to be first in the South Bay and Peninsula communities in the provision of quality care, patient service and community support to residents experiencing cancer.

Our Mission

We are here to provide excellent, values-driven care to cancer patients and their caregivers through:

  • Provision of comprehensive, ethical, quality of care throughout the entire continuum of cancer care to maximize quality of life
  • Respect for individuals and family values
  • Provision of current and effective medical technologies
  • Compassion for patients, caregivers and health care providers
  • Collaboration with partners to provide continuity of care and access to cancer clinical trials
  • Stewardship of resources and partnering with community agencies

Cedars-Sinai Affiliation

In 2018 Torrance Memorial and Cedars-Sinai entered into a partnership to strengthen both institutions’ ability to improve access, coordination and quality of care to the South Bay community. More than four years later, the collaboration continues to provide Torrance Memorial patients with convenient, local access to leading-edge treatments and clinical trials—all backed by an academic-level medical institution.

One of the many benefits of the collaboration is the addition of Cedars-Sinai subspecialists to the Torrance Memorial team, allowing patients in the South Bay to receive expert care in their community.

Learn more about our Cedars-Sinai Affiliation

Endowment - Donald and Priscilla Hunt

To recognize the generosity of Donald and Priscilla Hunt’s $11.5 million donation in 2011, the Donald and Priscilla Hunt Cancer Institute and Donald and Priscilla Hunt Nuclear Medicine Center were named.

Since 2011, the Hunt family has continued giving generously to Torrance Memorial in the spirit of the Hunt family tradition of assisting those in need. As a youth, Donald Hunt observed his father, a Salvation Army major and minister, and his mother, a fundraiser for the charitable organization, assisting those in need in their hometown of Detroit. Donald Hunt is a child of the Great Depression and the success he achieved through tenacity and hard work was never taken for granted. Regarding her late husband, Priscilla Hunt says, "Wealth didn't mean anything to him. He was a generous and simple man. His priority was always to put food on the table of his employees."

During the last years of his life before his passing in 2017, Donald Hunt had frequent stays at Torrance Memorial. The family saw firsthand how success and wealth hold little meaning without good health. Priscilla and family remain at the helm of Hunt Enterprises, and they continue Donald’s philanthropic focus by supporting Torrance Memorial with their giving. Priscilla states, “We are proud to support the programs and services provided by Torrance Memorial to enrich the health and well-being for all walks of life in this community for decades to come. It feels good to give."

Hunt Family

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The Hunt Cancer Institute provides a wide variety of reduced cost and free care and services to the community including education, printed materials and supportive services. To make a donation to the Cancer Institute, contact the Torrance Memorial Foundation.

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Email CancerAnswers@tmmc.com for answers to your cancer related questions.

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