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Burn Treatment

ABA logoThe Torrance Memorial Burn Center brings more than 45 years of experience treating adults, children and infants affected by moderate to severe burns through advanced surgical technologies and expert care. We are one of the few burn centers in the nation and one of three in Los Angeles county to be verified by the American Burn Association

Compassionate, Multidisciplinary Care 

Our goal for every patient is a return to normal life and the highest possible level of functioning. From the earliest moments of treatment, our team provides compassionate, whole-patient care that addresses the complete physical, emotional and psychological impact of the burn injury.

Our Burn Center is equipped with top-tier technology and equipment to offer optimal treatment for every burn patient, including:

  • Level II emergency burn treatment (EDAP certified)
  • Paramedic base station
  • Advanced diagnostic equipment
  • Cardiac and respiratory monitoring systems
  • Hydrotherapy tanks
  • Advanced equipment and training for decontamination 

We are a comprehensive center with high standards of care for people who’ve experienced residential or industrial fires or accidents. Our staff includes specialists in reconstructive, micro-vascular and complex wound management. We have advanced equipment and training for decontamination and management of a patient after hazardous materials exposure.

Continuous Care

Recovery from burn injuries can be a long and demanding process, physically and emotionally. We are here to help our patients through every step of the recovery journey. Our ongoing comprehensive care services for people recovering from burns includes:

  • Outpatient Burn Clinic
  • Pain Management
  • Physical and Occupational Therapy
  • Continued Reconstructive Services
  • Emotional and Psychological Support 
  • Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation and Children's Burn Foundation

Center of Excellence

Torrance Memorial is a certified adult and pediatric Burn Treatment Center by the American Burn Association. The American Burn Association (ABA) offers this program to verify that a burn center is meeting the highest current standards of care for the burn-injured patient. 

Burn Center verification provides a true mark of distinction for a burn center. Verification is an indicator that the center provides high quality patient care to burn patients from time of injury through rehabilitation.

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