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Breast Cancer Prevention & Screening

Explore recommended breast screening exams, and count on Torrance Memorial’s specialists for the medical testing you need to protect your health.


Starting in your 20s, you should conduct monthly breast self-exams to know how your breasts normally look and feel and so you know how to recognize any changes. Report any changes or breast-related symptoms to your doctor right away.

When Should I Check My Breasts?

If you have a monthly period, do your self-exam seven days after your period starts. Choose the same day every month for your self-exam if you don’t have a monthly period.

How To Examine Your Breasts

Ask your doctor how to perform your exam, or attend a class at Torrance Memorial’s Breast Diagnostic Center. Led by a certified breast care nurse, these free classes are held every other month from 5 – 6pm. Call 310-784-6335 and choose option 3 to make a required reservation.

Clinical Breast Exam

A physical examination of your breast by a doctor or advanced practice provider is a clinical breast exam. The American Cancer Society recommends getting a clinical exam from your primary care provider:

  • Every one to three years when you’re in your 20s and 30s
  • Every year starting at age 40

Talk to your regular care provider about getting a breast exam, or browse our physician directory to find a doctor near you.

Mammograms Save Lives

Get the greatest control over your breast health by scheduling yearly mammograms starting at age 40. Talk to your doctor to learn if your personal risk for breast cancer means you should start getting tested earlier.

Discover what it’s like to get a mammogram at Torrance Memorial. The test takes only minutes and could save your life.

Learn About Mammograms

What if I’m at High Risk for Breast Cancer?

If you have a family history of breast cancer, your doctor may recommend genetic testing or a breast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan in addition to your mammogram. Rest assured; Torrance Memorial gives you access to the full range of recommended testing services.

Make an Appointment

Call 310-517-4709 to schedule your Breast Diagnostic Center appointment:

  • Monday through Friday, 8am to 4:45pm
  • Saturdays, 8am to noon

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