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Donate Blood for Yourself

What is the Autologous Blood Transfusion Program?

The Autologous Blood Transfusion Program allows you to donate your own blood for your own surgical blood needs. When you are transfused with your own blood, the risk of contracting infectious diseases such as hepatitis and AIDS is minimized, along with other undesirable side effects.

Who Can Donate?

Most people can participate in our Autologous Blood Transfusion Program if they are scheduled for surgery at Torrance Memorial Medical Center. Your physician and the Blood Bank medical director will determine if it is safe for you to donate.

How Do I Start?

First, you must discuss this option with your physician, who must give an order to the Blood Donor Center. It is important to do this as soon as possible after the decision for surgery is made to allow enough time to donate all desired units. Your physician will determine how many donations should be made based on how much blood is generally used for the type of surgery you are having.

When Should I Begin My Donations?

Donation schedules are tailored to meet your needs and depend on the number of units to be collected. Donations may be started up to 35 days before your scheduled surgery and are usually scheduled once a week. You may not donate less than 72 hours before your scheduled surgery. To schedule an appointment, please call 310-517-4647.

Will The Blood I Donate Meet All Of My Transfusion Needs?

The autologous units you donate will be stored for your surgery. However, blood components other than whole blood or packed cells, such as plasma and platelets, are also sometimes used. Additionally, it is possible that you may need more whole blood or packed cells than the autologous units you donated. When blood components and/or additional whole blood or packed cells are necessary, they will be obtained from our inventory of volunteer donors who are carefully screened and extensively tested. Ask your physician about the likelihood of needing additional blood and blood components from the regular inventory.

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