Technology Offers Relief from Needle Sticks | Torrance Memorial

Published on May 24, 2018

Technology Offers Relief from Needle Sticks


AccuveinIf you've ever felt like a pincushion while giving blood or getting an IV started, relief is here.

Torrance Memorial has acquired the AccuVein AV400 vein visualization system. The device has been shown to improve first stick success and reduce patient pain. The system is designed to help health care professionals locate the best vein for venipuncture. Simply point the lightweight, portable device at the skin and click to display the peripheral veins beneath.

Venipuncture is the most common invasive medical procedure worldwide with an estimated 2.7 million procedures conducted every day in the United States alone. Studies reveal up to one third of attempts to access a vein fail the first time, creating unnecessary patient pain and discomfort. Improving first-stick attempts is a major goal for health care providers around the world.

The Infusion Nurses Society (INS) now recom-mends the use of vein visualization technology in their newly released 2016 Standards of Practice. The INS Standards state, “Vascular visualization technology is employed to increase the success with peripheral cannulation and decrease the need for central vascular access device.”

Even the most experienced healthcare professionals can have difficulty accessing veins safely and quickly the first time. While this will be available for use on patients throughout the hospital, the patient care staff will find it especially helpful with pediatric patients, patients who are dehydrated, obese, have low body temperature, whose veins roll and those who have had frequent venipuncture during treatments.