Car Seat Safety Information for Parents | Torrance Memorial

Published on July 11, 2022

Car Seat Safety Information for Parents

baby in car seat

  1. Proper use and positioning of a rear-facing car seat in the back passenger seat of your car is important to reduce the risk of respiratory problems while providing protection in the event of a sudden stop or crash.
  2. It is important to follow the installation instructions that came with your car seat to ensure the proper angle of placement for your newborn.
  3. For a small or premature baby, use ONLY the insert that came with the car seat you purchased to assist with positioning your baby. NOTHING should be placed under your baby, over the straps, or around the head.
  4. If the manufacturer of your car seat recommends it, you may use a small rolled receiving blanket between the crotch strap and baby to prevent slouching.
  5. You can swaddle the baby OVER the straps to keep them warm if the weather is cold.
  6. We recommend that an adult be seated in the rear seat next to the baby in order to observe them closely.
  7. If the baby’s head slouches down, you can turn your baby’s head to the side, with their nostrils free and chin in a neutral position.
  8. We recommend that the baby travel ONLY to pediatrician visits until your pediatrician states otherwise.
  9. You may call HealthLinks at 310-517-4711 to inquire regarding infant CPR classes. You may also take an online course with the American Red Cross.
  10. is an excellent resource you may utilize regarding information about car seat installation and safety.