Baby Boy Delivered in Our San Pedro OB/GYN Office | Torrance Memorial

Published on June 30, 2022

Baby Boy Delivered in Our San Pedro OB/GYN Office!

San Pedro Family

san pedro baby boyNo stranger to the symptoms of pregnancy, Tenisha Washington was expecting her second child in April 2022. She was two centimeters dilated for two weeks when her OB/GYN Dr. Soha Elgharib scheduled her for a delivery induction date on Easter Sunday. She was to return for a follow up appointment the Friday before on April 15.

That Friday morning started like any other day. Tenisha took her eldest son Luc to daycare and drove herself to her appointment. While on the monitor she mentioned some mild contractions. “As a physical therapist, I move around a lot,” she shared. “The contractions didn’t seem so bad, they weren’t progressing. I didn’t think much of it.”

Upon arriving to her scheduled appointment, Dr. Elgharib checked Tenisha’s status and while she laid on the exam table, her water broke. “Well, it looks like we’re having a baby right here!” exclaimed Dr. Elgharib.

“She had just enough time to get prepped,” said Tenisha. “I knew it would be fast, but not that fast!”

And then as if in the blink of an eye, a healthy 7-pound baby boy Dru was born in a matter of minutes during her pre-delivery routine office visit. Tenisha and her newborn baby boy were then transported by ambulance to the hospital to receive appropriate aftercare.

“It crossed my mind in the past that I might be in a situation to deliver a baby on a plane, at a mall or other public place, but I never thought it would be in the office,” said Dr. Elgharib. “I was happy in a way, because had Tenisha gone to the hospital, I would have missed the delivery!”

Congratulations to all…. Mother, baby and family are all doing great!