Nursing at Torrance Memorial

Nursing at Torrance Memorial

Our Nursing Mission & Vision

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Torrance Memorial Nursing consistently provides compassionate care through exemplary professional practice. We partner with patients, families, physicians and the entire healthcare team to optimize outcomes, and exceed expectations while supporting our community across the continuum of care. The vision of the Nursing Team at Torrance Memorial Medical Center is to be a beacon of nursing excellence.

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Magnet Designation®

Magnet logoMagnet Designation® is the highest and most prestigious credential a health care organization can achieve for nursing excellence and quality patient care. Torrance Memorial Medical Center achieved this high honor in December 2011, becoming the first Magnet-designated health care organization in the South Bay area. Torrance Memorial re-designated in 2016 and 2020.

Magnet® is truly a journey and as the standards continue to raise the bar for nursing excellence, Torrance Memorial nurses will continue to demonstrate their commitment to excellence while raising the bar to Magnet Designation®.

ANCC logoTorrance Memorial has also been designated as an accredited Practice Transition Program organization by the ANCC for demonstrating excellence in nursing training, education and development. The Practice Transition Accreditation Program® (PTAP) organizations set the standard for residency or fellowship programs that transition registered nurses (RNs) and advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) into new practice settings.

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Transformational Leadership

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Transformational leaders in Magnet-designated organizations are knowledgeable, able to develop a strong vision and well-articulated philosophy, a professional practice model, and strategic and quality plans in leading nursing services.

At Torrance Memorial, Magnet leaders effectively communicate expectations, develop leaders and evolve the organization to meet current and anticipated needs and strategic priorities. From direct care nurses to the executive level, nursing leaders at all levels within Torrance Memorial demonstrate advocacy and support on behalf of staff and patients.

Structural Empowerment

Magnet structural environments are generally flat, flexible, and decentralized. Nurses throughout the organization are involved in shared decision-making structures and processes that establish standards of practice and address opportunities for improvement. The flow of information and shared decision-making process is multidirectional among professional nurses at Torrance Memorial. Torrance Memorial's multidirectional process is conducted at the bedside, throughout the leadership, interprofessional teams, and the Chief Nursing Officer.

As a Magnet designated organization, Torrance Memorial utilizes multiple strategies to create and sustain structures and processes that support a lifelong learning culture that includes professional collaboration and the promotion of role development, academic achievement, and career advancement.

Exemplary Professional Practice

Exemplary professional practice in Magnet designated organizations is evidenced by effective and efficient care services, interprofessional collaboration, and high-quality patient outcomes. Magnet nurses’ partner with patients, families, support systems, and interprofessional teams to positively impact patient care and outcomes.

At Torrance Memorial, our achievement of exemplary professional practice is grounded in a culture of safety, quality monitoring, and quality improvement. Nurses at all levels analyze data and use national benchmarks to gain a comparative perspective on their performance and care for patient.

The Quality Caring Model

The Quality Caring Model© provides a framework for nursing that resonates with professional nurses at Torrance Memorial. The model is readily applicable in our daily practice.

The Quality Caring Model was adopted at Torrance Memorial in 2009 by all professional disciplines in the organization. At the center of the model are the relationships nurses share with the patient and family, the entire healthcare team, and other nurses. Surrounding the center of caring are eight caring factors. The belief is that if the eight caring factors are consistently applied to the care being delivered, the immediate outcome is that the patient feels cared for by nurses.

Quality Caring Model

New Knowledge, Innovations and Improvements

Torrance Memorial Medical Center’s Nursing Research provides cutting-edge, evidence-based nursing practice primarily due to acknowledging and integrating innovation and research at the organizational level. TMMC conscientiously integrates evidence based practice and nursing research into clinical and operational processes as a Magnet-designated organization. Nurses are educated about evidence-based practice and research, enabling them to explore the safest and best practices appropriate for their patients, the practice environment and to generate new knowledge.