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About Us

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Founded in 1925 by Jared Sidney and Helena Childs Torrance, Torrance Memorial Medical Center is a 443-bed, nonprofit medical center established to provide quality health care services predominantly to the residents of the South Bay, Peninsula and Harbor communities. Torrance Memorial seeks to offer the most current and effective medical technologies rendered in a compassionate, caring manner.

No longer just a hospital, today Torrance Memorial Medical Center includes an extensive integrated system of physicians and comprehensive medical services to provide coordinated communication and continuum of care. Torrance Memorial is affiliated with Cedars-Sinai under the umbrella of Cedars-Sinai Health System.

Torrance Memorial’s nursing program has earned coveted Magnet® recognition from the American Nurses Credentialing Center, which recognizes nursing excellence. Torrance Memorial Medical Center has once again been recognized as a Best Hospital for 2022-23 for the eleventh straight year by U.S. News & World Report, placing the hospital in the top 3% in the state. Torrance Memorial is the 11th highest ranking hospital for overall hospital quality in the state of California and 5th in the Los Angeles region.

Our Mission

original hospital exteriorUnder the governance of a community-based Board of Trustees, Torrance Memorial serves the public interest by:

  • Improving the community health within the scope and expertise of its resources
  • Offering the most current and effective medical technologies rendered in a compassionate, caring manner
  • Maintaining long-term stability in order to assure its strength and viability for the benefit of the community

Our Values

The employees, physicians and volunteers of Torrance Memorial Medical Center support our mission through a set of core values. Each and every member of your care team promotes recovery and healing by embracing the values of:


We value service as our special ability to administer compassionate health care and support to people in need of assistance.

The employees and volunteers of Torrance Memorial Medical Center take pride in providing dependable high quality health care service to our customers. These customers include patients, families, physicians, health care payers, and each other. We are dedicated to provide a safe, clean, friendly environment with timely delivery of patient care. The importance of effective communication is recognized and maintained. We are committed to serve and willingly work to sustain and assist everyone who needs our special care.


We value excellence as the standard of performance for which we strive in the provision of health care services and in our relationships.

The employees and volunteers of Torrance Memorial Medical Center commit to provide a quality of service unique in its knowledge, skill, and caring for people. The value of every human being is respected and considered worthy of special attention. We take responsibility to behave from a high level of personal and organizational integrity.


We value knowledge as an essential component critical to our work environment and to the care we provide.

The expertise and skills of the employees and volunteers making up the community of Torrance Memorial Medical Center are important in providing services to our patients/physicians/customers. Our awareness, recognition, and understanding of individual and situational needs, as well as our skill in meeting these needs, are vital behaviors. Knowledge is used to identify and solve problems and to provide services that require developing new systems and improving established systems and procedures. Informed decision making and judgment are considered essential in the performance of each Medical Center employee. We are committed to training, educating, and cultivating expertise in ourselves to provide quality services.


We value stability as the foundation upon which a viable institution is maintained for the benefit of the community.

The employees and volunteers of Torrance Memorial Medical Center recognize the importance of sustaining fiscal responsibility without compromising quality. The strength to stand and endure is derived from an atmosphere of responsible, cooperative and innovative effort.


We value community as the interdependent group of diverse people who are drawn together to provide services at Torrance Memorial Medical Center.

The community of Torrance Memorial Medical Center recognizes that our commitment to our patients and their loved ones, our physicians, the general public and to each other make Torrance Memorial Medical Center a warm and caring part of the South Bay/Peninsula community. We share a common value for the worth of each person and a common goal of providing quality health care services. We are devoted to a health care team approach in delivering patient care, offering support and giving positive acknowledgment to every member of the team. We celebrate each other's victories and mourn each other's losses. We recognize that our combined efforts are greater than the sum of the parts.