Dear Students,
Welcome to our webpage! We would love to have you apply, but before you do please take a look at the information on this page to see if we are compatible. We are looking for students who have good interpersonal skills, are reliable, and have a great work ethic. Our High School Volunteer Program is 13 months long and requires consistent attendance. If you already have a full schedule, plan to travel during much of your summer break, or are going into a semester that will be highly demanding of your time, this may not be the right time to apply.
As you can see a hospital volunteer program has many requirements, but also offers many rewards. Being a hospital volunteer will engage you in high acts of service, acquaint you with a hospital setting, and will definitely keep you BUSY. If you can meet our requirements, have availability in your schedule after taking care of your academic and extra-curricular responsibilities, and are willing to challenge yourself, then the High School Volunteer Program at Torrance Memorial is probably right for you! If you choose to apply, we look forward to reviewing your pre-application.
Thank you,
Volunteer Services Team

Program Overview

Torrance Memorial High School Volunteer Program is for teens at least 14 years of age and in 9th, 10th, or 11th grade at the time of orientation. The High School Volunteer Program requires a commitment to volunteering for a full 13 months of service.

High School students volunteer in our Escort Services department where they assist with various patient and staff errands throughout the hospital. These errands include but are not limited to:

  • Transporting patients
  • Making deliveries to patients
  • Delivering lab specimens, medical charts & supplies around the hospital

Please note: The last opportunity a high school student has to apply to the program is to apply for the spring orientation of their 11th-grade year (usually held in February or March). We do not accept applications from students in 12th grade.

General Requirements

  • Be between the ages of 14-18 and enrolled in 9th, 10th, or 11th grade.
  • Complete and submit a pre-application online. (Dates applications are available online will be announced on our website. Please see the orientation section).
  • Attend Student & Parent Information Meeting (by invitation only).
  • Attend both mandatory orientation days (by invitation only).
  • Maintain good attendance.
  • Volunteer will provide a white top, white pants, white shoes (comfortable/walking shoes) with non-skid soles, and white shoelaces. Blue uniform jacket and ID badge provided by Torrance Memorial.
  • Able to perform Escort Services errands such as pushing a patient in a wheelchair, delivering flowers, transporting lab specimens, delivering charts, and other various tasks.
  • Provide friendly and attentive service to patients, visitors, and staff.

Shift Options

We have weekly shifts and bi-weekly shifts, which equal the same amount of hours during the 13 months of service. High School volunteer shifts are assigned according to the needs of the hospital and will be scheduled according to the following:

  • Weekday shift
    • Student will be assigned one two-hour shift weekly Monday-Friday.
    • Weekday shifts are scheduled from 4:00 pm-6:00 pm
    • The student will report for service on the same day each week.
      • (Example: “Molly reports for service every Monday from 4p-6p for 13 months)
  • Bi-Weekly shift
    • Student will be assigned one four-hour shift on alternating weekends
    • Weekend shifts are scheduled from 8:00 am-12noon or 12noon-4:00pm
      • (Example: Joshua reports for service every other Sunday from 8:00a-12:00p)

Attendance Policy

Please read carefully. Students who are unable to adhere to the following need not apply.

In order to provide excellent care and service to our patients and their families, it is imperative that our volunteers maintain consistent attendance. We know that absences will occur due to illness, family matters, and holidays. However, our program is not able to accommodate extended absences greater than 4 weeks.

Details on absence reporting for same-day absences as well as vacation dates will be given to you if you are accepted into our program.

Please Note

We do not offer summer, short-term, episodic, hands-on patient care, shadowing, or observation opportunities through the High School Student Volunteer Program at Torrance Memorial.

Per CDC and State of California Department of Public Health guidelines, Flu and COVID-19 vaccinations are required to volunteer at Torrance Memorial.

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