Make a Difference

Message to prospective volunteers (updated 12/28/2021): We appreciate our community's support and interest in volunteering at Torrance Memorial as well as your patience as we have had limited opportunities during the pandemic to join our program. We are planning for volunteer orientation sessions in 2022, but please be advised that dates are subject to change or cancellation depending on current circumstances. Please continue to monitor our website for further information and click on your area of interest below to learn more.

For more than 70 years, Torrance Memorial volunteers have played an integral role in providing compassionate service to patients and visitors. Our volunteer program includes hundreds of dedicated people who give of themselves to make Torrance Memorial a leader in providing health care to the broader South Bay community. With the opportunity to serve throughout the medical center as a volunteer, you will contribute to the patient experience by helping with big and small requests alike. A few examples: volunteers might help patients and visitors find their way on campus, assist surgery patients and families, provide helpful information, or play the piano for the enjoyment of patients, visitors, and staff. You will be part of a team that is committed to helping others in a stimulating and collegial environment. Hospital volunteers interact not only with patients and families but with health care professionals and administrative staff. Volunteer opportunities are also available beyond the hospital within Torrance Memorial Health System.