Smoking causes lung cancer, breathing problems, heart attacks and stroke. Secondhand smoke causes asthma, respiratory infections, and shortness of breath. Reduce your risk and create your action plan today.

There are different ways to quit smoking. Cold turkey, nicotine replacement therapy, support groups, and other medications can help you quit. Getting help can raise your success rate by 25% or more! Let Torrance Memorial help you kick the habit to the curb.

Quit Smoking Program

A step-by-steps Smoking Cessation Program

Healthy Lung Program

It’s not too late to improve your lung health.

Smoke Free Support Groups

Lung Cancer Support Group

This support group meets twice a month, it's designed to meet the educational and emotional needs of people living with or caring for someone with lung cancer. It offers encouragement and hope in a safe environment to explore important issues that matter when coping with any phase of treatment for this disease.

For more information, call 310-517-1072.

A Guide to Quit Smoking

Torrance Memorial guide to quit smoking will get you on the right path.

Quit Smoking Resources


If you smoke and would like to quit, offers web resources, instant messaging and a quit line staffed by counselors to support you in your efforts.

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Become An Ex helps you develop a 3-step plan to quit smoking, and offers an online community to support you.

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American Lung Association

Want to stop smoking or help a loved one quit? The American Lung Association provides every step of the way with tools, tips and support.

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