Pre-registration assures that you have completed all necessary pre-tests in advance, so when you arrive on the day of your procedure, you can check in quickly and smoothly.

Where To Pre-Register

For your convenience, you may pre-register by telephone 310-517-4754 or in person at the pre-registration office located on the first floor of the Lundquist Tower.

Pre-registration office hours are Monday through Friday, from 8:00 AM to 7:30 PM.

The entire pre-registration process will require between 30 minutes to one hour to complete, depending on what pre-tests you need.

Pre-Registration Process

Patients are encouraged to call pre-registration at 310-517-4754 and pre-testing at 310-784-4887 a week prior to scheduled surgery in order to complete and verify demographic and medical information. The pre-testing nurse is instrumental in confirming the completion of the pre-surgical process including determining if a face to face visit is required for additional testing.

The pre-registration process consists of two steps:

  1. Pre-registration: Answering questions necessary to complete paperwork associated with your visit to the hospital
  2. Pre-testing: Completing any laboratory tests, X-rays, or other health screenings needed before your scheduled procedure.

How Soon Should I Pre-Register?

You can pre-register as soon as an appointment has been scheduled with the hospital (but no later than the day before your appointment). Your physician may do this for you or instruct you to schedule an appointment directly. If you are unsure whether an appointment has been scheduled for you, call your physician's office or the pre-registration representative at 310-517-4754.

However, if pre-testing is required, you will need to visit the hospital and pre-register at that time.

What Documents or Information Do I Need To Pre-Register?

To pre-register, please bring the following documents:

  • Any forms or handouts given to you at the doctor's office, including physician orders and test results
  • All insurance cards, certifications and claim forms
  • Special forms of identification, such as driver's license, employee I.D., and ADVANTAGE program I.D.

How Do I Register for a Return Visit?

If you are scheduled to return for ongoing treatment for the same condition, please let us know at the time of pre-registration. We will indicate this on your account; then, after your first visit, you may report directly to the department where you are receiving service.

For More Information

For additional information regarding pre-registration please call 310-517-4754.