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Whether you are looking for new insurance coverage, switching plans or interested in the Covered California exchange, Torrance Memorial specialists are available to help you find the plan that works best for you and your family.

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The vision of Covered California is to improve the health and wellness of all Californians by helping them gain access to affordable, high quality health care. Covered California is a health insurance marketplace, created through the Affordable Care Act. Financial assistance is available to help reduce costs for those who qualify. As the region's top rated health system, Torrance Memorial offers access to top doctors, an outstanding hospital and convenient outpatient services. Choose a Covered California plan, which gives you access to Torrance Memorial where you will receive personalized, integrated care.

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In 2018, Anthem Blue Cross will no longer be participating in Covered California. If you are currently covered by an Anthem Blue Cross plan and you would like to keep your doctors and continue your care at Torrance Memorial, choose either Blue Shield of California PPO or Blue Shield of California Trio HMO. Important Note: This does NOT apply to Anthem Medicare Supplement members or for those on Employer Sponsored Group health insurance plans. This only applies to Individual and/or Family plans, including Covered California.

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When you choose a plan, ensure that it allows you to access the primary care physicians and hospital you prefer.

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