The health care team may consist of numerous medical professionals. From the moment you arrive at the medical center until the time you leave, your physician coordinates your health care treatment. In addition to this physician, you may receive care from nurses, therapists, dietitians, pharmacists, laboratory, X-ray technologists, pulmonary staff, dietary staff and social workers, as needed.

All health care professionals and volunteers can be easily identified by photo identification badges that show their names and departments.


Your hospital care may be directed by a “Hospitalist." As the name implies, this physician specializes in taking care of hospitalized patients. Hospitalists work with your doctor and other members of your care team.


Your nurse provides a critical link between you and your health care team. Nurses communicate your needs to your health care team and keep you informed about your medications, in-hospital plan of care and post-hospital home care.

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) perform basic nursing care such as bathing, positioning and other activities that provide for your overall comfort and safety. The CNA applies devices such as slings and braces, sets up medical equipment in the room and safely transfers you between patient care areas in the hospital.

Imaging and Cardiology Staff

Your Imaging and Cardiology staff are important members of your care team. Radiologic and Imaging Technologists operate equipment to diagnose and treat your medical condition. Cardiology Technologists perform non-invasive cardiac testing, such as EKGs, echocardiograms and stress tests.

Respiratory Therapist

Your Respiratory Therapist operates equipment used in the treatment of your respiratory problems or illnesses. Performs breathing treatments and manages ventilators in the ICU.


Your Phlebotomist draws blood for laboratory testing, as ordered by your physician.


Although you may not meet a hospital pharmacist, they are important members of your health care team. They prepare medications, monitor drug therapy for potential side effects, allergies and possible food and drug interactions.

Rehabilitation Staff

Physical, occupational or speech therapists may work with you to help you regain your strength and function. If required, an individualized treatment plan will be developed to help you meet your specific goals and provide recommendations for post-discharge care.


Working closely with your health care team, Registered Dietitian Nutritionists ensure that you are receiving the appropriate balance of nutritional meals throughout your stay.

Social Workers

Social Workers can assist you and your family members with problems and difficulties due to your illness or injury. Torrance Memorial has extensive care services and referrals to community resources.

Case Managers

Case Managers work with you, your family and your health care team to coordinate your hospital stay. They are also available to assist with the planning and coordination of your transition from the hospital to home or to other care facilities.


Volunteers assist throughout the medical center and are available to help you and your family in many ways during the patient stay. They also provide unique services such as visits from spiritual care and patient representative volunteers, piano performance, pet visitation, and cheerful clowns.