Questions and Answers about Torrance Memorial’s RN Residency

Updated 10-27-2020

When does your next New Graduate RN Residency start?
Our next residency could begin in late Spring 2021 but this is subject to change. Please check this page periodically for updates.

How do I apply for a New Graduate RN position?
We are closed for new graduate applications at this time. Shortly before the cohort starts, we will post the position and more information about the interview process.

What will Torrance Memorial’s RN Residency do for me?
Our ANCC certified residency is a great way to safely transition from the role of student nurse to professional nurse. During the 24-week, full-time paid residency you receive classes, one-to-one precepted clinical time, observation time on related units, and group support meetings - all of which help you in your new career. This residency will give you confidence, competence, and good friendships, too!

What else should I know about Torrance Memorial?
Torrance Memorial is an excellent place to work with friendly, talented, and dedicated staff who support new grads. Our Lundquist Tower is beautiful and modern. We are Magnet designated and an independent, locally governed medical center. We love our new grads and see the 24-week residency as a valuable investment in our future. You will quickly feel a caring atmosphere here and realize that at Torrance Memorial, you are a part of something bigger!

Do you have any suggestions for a New Grad’s job search?
We encourage new grads to keep an open mind to various employment opportunities. Joining professional nursing organizations is a good way to network as is volunteering. Now might be a good time to pursue your BSN or MSN. We wish you the best of luck and health.

Thank you for your interest in Torrance Memorial Medical Center.