Multidisciplinary Treatment of the Whole Patient

Collaborative Expertise Treating Burns in Infants, Children and Adults

Helping patients recover from critical burns is truly a team effort. From the moment a burn victim of any age arrives at our Center, our entire team is focused on providing the compassionate care that will return him or her to the highest possible level of functioning. Immediately and throughout treatment, our team addresses the complete physical, emotional and psychological impact of the burn injury on the individual.

People with severe burns benefit from the expertise of a wide variety of specialists. Led by physicians whose careers and training are focused on burn treatment, our inter-disciplinary team works together to help burn patients heal while staying as comfortable as possible through every phase of recovery. We focus on healing the whole person - mind, body and spirit.

We are a multidisciplinary team accustomed to working closely together, assuring continuity of care for every patient.

Meet Our Doctors

Dr. John McKissock

Dr. Vimal Murthy

Dr. Matthew Reiss

Dr. Karen Shum

Coordinated Care for Wound Healing and Amputation Prevention

We offer highly coordinated care by a team of dedicated experts focused on wound healing and amputation prevention.

The only Center in our region to be designated an Amputation Prevention Center of America, the quality of our staff is one of the many aspects that sets us apart.

Our experienced specialists have completed advanced training in limb preservation techniques. Integrating a team of specialists increases the level of care, while offering you the most advanced healing options. They work collaboratively to customize the most effective treatment plan to stimulate healing, allowing you to recover as quickly and completely as possible.

Our staff includes nurses, physical therapists and healthcare technicians, in addition to several physicians, including a foot and ankle surgeon and a vascular specialist. Also, since the majority of patients we treat have diabetic foot ulcers, we provide coordinated care with a team of doctors who specialize in treating complications of diabetes, including:

  • Podiatrist
  • Vascular surgeon
  • Plastic surgeon
  • Hyperbaric specialist
  • Diabetologist
  • Nephrologist
  • Cardiologist

We Help Coordinate All Aspects of Your Care

We offer navigation assistance, with a team member focused on coordinating necessary appointments for lab work, imaging and other diagnostic services and managing communications between you, your family, your physician, your health insurance provider and the members of your care team.

We make arrangements for home health care and for admission to skilled nursing facilities, if needed.

Also, since some patients require admission to the hospital for surgical intervention, we provide a case manager who oversees the coordination of care through the inpatient-outpatient process.

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