Torrance Memorial’s Burn, Wound and Amputation Prevention Center offers highly specialized care for burn victims and for people with persistent, non-healing wounds. These are frightening experiences. Our unique center is staffed with compassionate, collaborative medical professionals who are focused on healing the whole person – mind, body and spirit.

Our specially trained, dedicated staff uses advanced techniques and state-of-the-art technology to maintain your comfort while promoting healing and as complete a recovery as is possible. When the threat of amputation looms as a possibility (as sometimes is the case with wounds that won’t heal) our supportive, capable caregivers work aggressively as a team to preserve limbs whenever possible.

What is the Burn, Wound and Amputation Prevention Center?

Our Burn, Wound and Amputation Prevention Center offers multidisciplinary care from a team of highly-trained specialists with expertise in burn care, wound healing and amputation prevention.

A Certified Burn Center for More than 40 Years

torrance memorial burn center is verified by the american burn assoicationWe have more than 40 years’ experience as one of just three American Burn Association-certified Burn Centers in Los Angeles County, caring for hundreds of survivors of residential and industrial fires and accidents each year. Our staff includes emergency physicians, burn and reconstructive surgeons, and physician specialists, all with extensive experience helping people with critical burns to survive and heal. We are a comprehensive center with high standards of care and specialties in reconstructive, micro-vascular and complex wound management.

We are prepared and equipped for decontamination and management of a patient after hazardous materials exposure. With a Level II Emergency Center and a location adjacent to Torrance Municipal Airport and close to Los Angeles and Long Beach Harbors, we treat adults, children and infants whose wounds require sophisticated or complex capabilities, on-site advanced technology and equipment.

A Certified Amputation Prevention Center of America

For patients with severe, non-healing wounds, our multidisciplinary team uses state-of-the-art healing therapies to promote faster and more thorough healing. We are the only recognized and certified Amputation Prevention Center of America in our area. This distinction provides the comfort of knowing that you are receiving the most sophisticated wound care, based on research-proven guidelines.

Our Center offers an unmatched combination of experienced and established expertise in wound healing and amputation prevention, and the most advanced technology, in a location designed to be comfortable, convenient and patient-focused.

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