What is a Care Transitions Program?

A transitions program is a coordinated group of providers committed to quality, communication and patient-centered care both during and after a hospital stay. The Torrance Memorial Care Transitions Program was created to establish a network of caregivers who communicate regularly about your specific care plan.

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Why Choose Us?

By participating in this program you can be confident that all of your caregivers have access to your medical records, and are communicating regularly about your care plan -- including your doctor, rehab facility, home health nurses, aides and therapists, and a case manager who has been assigned to assist you in securing the around-the-clock resources you need to best meet your health needs.

Torrance Memorial Care Transition Program is made up of independent providers committed to quality, patient-centered care, and making every effort possible to avoid unnecessary hospital and rehab facility admissions if a patient is willing and able to be cared for in the home.

Patient Choice

You are under no obligation to participate in the Care Transitions program. Before you make a decision in regard to entering the Torrance Memorial Care Transitions Program, please consider all of your post-acute options carefully, as it is your right to select any provider you prefer.

We have a complete list of post-acute providers for you to select from. Providers listed are within a five mile radius of Torrance Memorial Medical Center. Care Transitions Program facilities meet with Torrance Memorial staff periodically to enhance communication, improve practices and remain focused on patient-centered care and improving the Coordinated Care Model.

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Torrance Memorial Transitional Care Unit is ranked five-stars by Medicare