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Stroke can be a devastating disease and can lead to lifelong disability or death. The diagnosis of stroke, however, is no longer as grim as it used to be. Timely intervention at a certified stroke center can frequently minimize or even reverse brain injury. Coming to Torrance Memorial as an acute stroke patient should give patients, their families and friends comfort and confidence.

Torrance Memorial's multifaceted approach in the treatment and management of a stroke patient begins by taking a physical assessment, a personal history and looking for the signs and symptoms of an acute stroke. Once determined, we move our patient quickly into the diagnostic or imaging study of the brain.

Torrance Memorial Stroke Treatment Program includes,

Stroke Diagnosis Gets High Tech

Mobile videoconferencing expedites diagnosis and treatment to save lives and prevent brain loss at Torrance Memorial in collaborated with Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

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Young Stroke Survivor

Jesse Turner credits healthcare team among greatests in his recovery.