Sleep Apnea is a serious medical condition associated with increased risk for high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, diabetes, depression, and work-related and driving accidents. Please answer the 8 questions below to assess your risk for sleep apnea:

  • Do you snore loudly (louder than talking or loud enough to be heard through closed doors)? YES/NO
  • Do you often feel tired, fatigued, or sleepy during the daytime? YES/NO
  • Has anyone ever observed you stop breathing during your sleep? YES/NO
  • Do you have or are you being treated for high blood pressure? YES/NO
  • Is your BMI more than 35 kg/m2? YES/NO
  • Are you over 50 years of age? YES/NO
  • Is your neck circumference greater than 15 3⁄4 inches (40 cm)? YES/NO
  • Are you a male? YES/NO

Scoring: Answering "yes" to three of more of the 8 questions indicates that you are High Risk for sleep apnea. Answering “yes” to less than three questions indicates that you are Low Risk for sleep apnea.

If you scored in the High Risk category, an evaluation by your primary care provider or a sleep specialist may be warranted.

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