Getting the Rest You Need

Sleep is a necessity. Research shows that most of us need about eight hours of good quality sleep a night to rest our bodies and refresh our minds, so we can perform at our best. And, of course, people simply enjoy a good night’s sleep.

But many people have real problems with sleep. The symptoms include inability to fall asleep or stay asleep, snoring and other breathing disorders while sleeping, which can cause drowsiness when we need to be alert. Untreated, these problems can have a devastating effect on quality of our lives, making us physically and mentally unable to deal with everyday challenges we face. In fact, some illnesses such as high blood pressure – even heart attack – can be linked to certain sleep disorders.

The following patient resources are for you, to assist you in getting the rest you need.

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Preparing For A Good Night’s Sleep

If you are having trouble sleeping normally, try improving your sleep habits.

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Learn everything you need to know about Torrance Memorial Sleep Disorders Center.

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Additional information regarding Sleep Disorders.

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