breast scan taken at torrance memorial imaging center Breast cancer is a major concern for women today. Trust your breast health to the best imaging center in the South Bay. The Vasek and Anna Maria Polak Breast Diagnostic Center is recognized as a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence by the American College of Radiology. This means that we maintain the highest standards in quality and safety in mammography, breast ultrasound and stereotactic breast biopsy. Our equipment is continuously monitored for accuracy and safety, and our team of radiologists, technologists and nurses participates in ongoing rigorous training and education.

torrance is a breast imaging center of excellence

Our digital mammography facilities offer the latest and most sophisticated in breast screening technology and expertise. Digital mammography is widely recognized as the gold standard in mammography. This state-of-the-art technology uses a low-dose x-ray to create high quality, detailed pictures of the breast that are used for routine screening and early detection of breast problems. Digital mammography can often find problems long before they can be felt by hand.

Advanced Breast Imaging Services

Our Breast Diagnostic Center offers the most accurate and least invasive screening and diagnostic procedures available, including:

Ancillary Services after Diagnosis

Here at Torrance Memorial's Breast Diagnostic Center, every patient who undergoes an advanced diagnostic procedure, such as breast ultrasound, MRI, or biopsy also receives personalized information on how to maintain breast health.

If cancer is found, our compassionate team of health care professionals, including an oncologist, radiologist and breast health nurse navigator, will tell you all you need and want to know about the next steps in your individualized treatment and care. All patients diagnosed with breast cancer will have their cases reviewed by a multispecialty panel of breast cancer experts at a weekly Breast Tumor Board conference to develop the best course of treatment.

How Will You Learn About Your Results?

The ultrasound technologist will not give you the test results directly, as the images still need to be reviewed by a radiologist. After reviewing the study, the radiologist will send an official report to your physician, who can then discuss the results with you.

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