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Pat Baldivia, Director of Radiology and Radiation Oncology

Arnie Wolfson, Director of Imaging (Nuclear Medicine, Ultrasound, MRI)

Tiffani Zanelli, Director Breast Diagnostic Center

Rhonda Beiley, Manager of Ancillary Nursing

Mary Bradfield, Manager of Ultrasound, Grazadio Radiology

Arshad Fazalbhoy, Manager of Diagnostic Radiology, Grazadio Radiology

Belal Madha, Manager of CT Scans

Christine Marin, Manager of Diagnostic Radiology, Grazadio Radiology

Gallena Quinalty, Manager of MRI Scans

Maria Rodiero, Manager of Interventional Radiology

Sam Rodriguez, Manager of Ultrasound, Polak Imaging

Khalid Shariff, Manager of Radiology, Polak Imaging

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