Advanced Imaging Technology

Torrance Memorial's Radiology Department is a state-of-the-art facility committed to remaining a leader in medical imaging technology. Imaging technology lets doctors examine you from the inside out. We continue to invest in the newest, most advanced and innovative equipment to provide our expert radiologists with everything they need to give our patients access to the highest quality care. Imaging can be used to make sure your health is good, such as with a mammogram; to understand the extent of an illness or injury, as with CT scan and MRI; or even to deliver the best treatment, as with interventional radiology.

CT Technology

Siemens Flash, CT scanner

CT scans enable doctors to quickly obtain finely detailed images from inside the body. Always on the cutting edge of CT technology, Torrance Memorial utilizes the latest generation dual tube 64-slice CT scanner. This machine generates ultra-fast, high-resolution images, so we can view even the smallest of arteries in the body with exquisite detail.

With CTA (computed tomography angiography), we can examine the heart and arteries, allowing accurate diagnoses of blockages, tears in the aorta and clots in the small arteries of the lung. Early detection of these abnormalities can be lifesaving.

Torrance Memorial's 64-slice CT scanner is so fast it can capture an image in 1/24 of a second!

MRI Technology

3.0 Trio Tesla MRI

Torrance Memorial's 3.0 Tesla MRI scanner has twice the strength of most conventional MRI scanners, increasing imaging resolution by 16 times. The 3T MRI captures images with a level of detail, clarity, and speed never before possible. This technology is superb at evaluating neurologic and spine disorders, bone and joint injuries, disorders of the female and male pelvic organs, and cardiovascular diseases. In addition to being stronger, faster and more powerful, the 3T scanner also features a larger opening, making it more comfortable for all patients, including those who are overweight, obese or claustrophobic.

MRI scanners at Torrance Memorial Medical Center include:

  • 1.5T Siemens Espree
  • 1.5T Siemens Avanto
  • 3T Siemens Verio
  • 3T Siemens Skyra (Coming Soon!)

Ultrasound Technology

Our Ultrasound Department utilizes some of the most advanced and sophisticated ultrasound machines currently available, including the GE LOGIQ E9 machine, which produces images of extraordinary quality.

PET/CT Technology

Torrance Memorial Medical Center is a leader in the use of this innovative and important technology, currently performing and interpreting more than 1300 PET/CT scans each year.

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