Torrance Memorial embraces the philosophy of total care for patients of the Cancer Center and radiation oncology. In order to give you or a family member the best care and treatment, the entire health care team offers a host of services to strengthen your physical as well as mental and emotional health.

From counseling and support groups to community resources to aid in daily chores such as transportation and cleaning - Torrance Memorial finds ways to help improve the quality of your life during treatment. Should you have any questions regarding these support services, do not hesitate to ask any member of the radiation oncology team. We are happy to offer information or referrals at any time.

Below are a number of links and resources to help you navigate the many services offered in the South Bay community.

Cancer Resources

Cancer Resource Center

Staffed with Advance Practice Nurses who specialize in oncology, the Cancer Resource Center at Torrance Memorial offers comprehensive cancer education including information about prevention, risk reduction, treatment, symptom management, recovery and survivorship. Services include information about understanding test findings, getting a second opinion, locating support groups, Internet resources, coping with the side effects of cancer treatment and many other issues commonly experienced by cancer patients and their loved ones. Advanced practice nurses who specialize in oncology provide navigation for patients with any type of cancer so that patients get the best possible care, understand their treatment options and receive the emotional support and encouragement they need. Services of the Cancer Resource Center are completely free of charge and available to anyone regardless of their health care provider.

The Cancer Resource Center is located on the main floor of the West Tower at Torrance Memorial. Telephone: 310-517-4665. Walk-ins are welcome.

Support Groups

At the hospital and in the community are many support groups and counseling available to cancer patients, their families and caregivers. Talking with a counselor or support group can alleviate negative feelings and give you or a loved one more emotional energy to aid in the healing process.

Contact the Cancer Resource Center for information about community and internet-based support groups that fits your needs. Call for additional information at 310-517-7077.

Home Health

Some patients may require the aid of home care during a point in their cancer treatment. Torrance Memorial offers home care for patients looking to move their recovery process to the comfort of their own home.

Contact the Home Health Department to learn more about their services at 310-784-3739.


Hospice services are also available for patients seeking support for pain management and end-of-life care. Contact the Hospice Department to learn more about their services at 310-784-3751.