Safety Before All Else

The continued health, comfort and well being of every patient are the first priorities of all the physicians and staff in the radiation oncology department at Torrance Memorial. To that effect, the quality and safety of each procedure performed in the department is checked numerous times to assure the best possible outcomes. All physicians, therapists, physicists, dosimetrists and staff are certified and trained specifically in providing you or a loved one the best in radiation treatment and supportive care.

Quality Assurance

Every aspect of your treatment planning and delivery is given meticulous attention so that you are treated efficiently and accurately, with as few side effects as possible.

Torrance Memorial physicists, dosimetrist and radiation therapists conduct daily, weekly and monthly checks on our equipment to ensure optimum performance. Our medical physicists only accept a variation of 2% or less in the output of our linear accelerators and other radiation treatment equipment.

We also have a weekly quality assurance meeting, with the physicians, nurses, physicists, dosimetrist, and head therapists. We review each and every patient's treatment in detail. This meeting supplements the review of your total therapy at the Torrance Memorial Tumor Board - collaboration between the many members of your cancer care team.

Monitoring your progress and health during treatment is an important part of your treatment. Exact records are kept of your condition, the progress of your treatment, and the location and dose of radiation you receive. These records are checked daily to judge the effectiveness and continued safety of your treatment. You will also be assessed daily by your therapists while on treatment, and weekly by your radiation oncologist, to help manage any side effects.

Adverse Effects

The negative consequences of radiation treatment vary widely depending on the treatment site, the dose delivered, and patients' pre-existing conditions. Your radiation oncologist, nurse and therapist will discuss the likely side effects of your particular treatment with you.

A dietician and radiation oncology nurses trained in the specific needs of cancer patients are available to help you cope with any potential side effects - including emotional support to free your energy for quality healing.