Accessible Physicians

One of our physicians is always available to speak with referring physicians regarding patient care or treatment programs. In addition to documentation requested below, direct physician input can be helpful for new patient consultations and to optimize treatment planning.

New Patient Referrals

Necessary Information

  • Referrals should be made directly to Radiation Oncology at Torrance Memorial
  • Insurance information and appropriate authorization numbers if applicable.
  • Diagnosis and reason for consultation
  • Supporting pathology and radiology reports
  • Copies of pertinent consult/follow-up notes with clinical findings
  • Information regarding other treatments i.e. operative reports/chemotherapy

Special Procedures


Beta irradiation has been demonstrated to reduce the risk of recurrence following excision of pterygiums - wing-like growths occurring in the eyes, neck, knees, elbows, ankles or digits. Our protocol is to deliver two applications of 1000cGy surface dose each to the operative bed, the first on the day of excision and the second application a week later. Every effort will be made to provide post-operative beta therapy in a timely manner following surgical resection. Please request scheduling of beta therapy when arranging for the patient's surgery.

Brachytherapy - Gynecologic Implants

Placement of temporary intracavitary or interstitial implants may be part of an optimal treatment program for specific gynecologic malignancies. These procedures are performed by the Radiation Oncologist who may under certain circumstances request the assistance of the Gynecologist. Arrangements for implantations will be made by Radiation Oncology including admitting H&P, pre operative lab work, treatment planning and OR scheduling. Medical clearance may be necessary by the patient's Primary care physician. Patients typically remain hospitalized on the Radiation Oncology service for a few days during the duration of the implant.