Compassionate Expertise

Our team of board certified radiation oncologists leads the Torrance Memorial Radiation Oncology program with extensive experience in radiation therapy. Each serves the community through participation in professional medical associations, charitable organizations and teaching. Dedicated to improving the lives of patients, they also participate in clinical trials research to aid in the discovery and implementation of more successful treatments.

Radiation Oncology department

Radiation Oncologists

Radiation Oncology Team

The expert staff of team members at Torrance Memorial will be most patients' first and most frequent contact with the radiation oncology department. These exceptional caring and dedicated health care providers will make your treatments as quick, comfortable and beneficial as possible. Always available to answer whatever questions you or a loved one has regarding your treatment, this team truly is your ally in defeating cancer and regaining your health.

Radiation Therapists

At the frontline of your radiation treatment are the radiation therapists administering your specific treatment plan. These highly skilled health-care professionals are your daily partners in treatment. Starting from the beginning of your treatment schedule, they assist in the planning process, capturing x-ray or other images and keeping meticulous records regarding your health. They operate the variety of radiological devices, insuring the consistent application of your treatment plan. Torrance Memorial therapists provide a kind and caring environment to aid in your successful recovery.

Medical Physicists

As safety and quality assurance are the highest priorities for the physicians and staff at Torrance Memorial, the medical physicist on your care team is assigned to insure the continued accuracy of radiation treatments. Extensive training in nuclear science and its medical applications, medical physicists calibrate the devices used in therapy and ensure the correct doses of radiation are applied to your cancer site. They also collaborate in the design of your treatment plan with radiation oncologists. Medical physicists also test and assure the safety of each radiological device used in therapy at Torrance Memorial.


This member of your treatment team is specially trained in calculating the optimum dose of radiation for your personalized treatment plan and assuring the consistency of that dose throughout your treatment cycle. The dosimetrist works closely with the radiation oncologist during the planning of your treatment, and has a wealth of training and experience in developing complex radiation plans to maximize dose to the target and minimize dose to critical normal structures. The dosimetrist will generate and adapt a number of possible treatment plans; the final treatment plan is approved by the radiation oncologist (MD) and the final quality assurance is performed by the medical physicist before the first treatment is delivered.

Registered Nurses

The nurses in radiation oncology at Torrance Memorial are specifically trained to care for cancer patients undergoing radiation therapy. They are on hand to provide guidance through treatment for you or a loved one, answer questions relating to your treatment, monitor your health during treatment and help provide emotional support.

Patient Support

A recommendation for radiation therapy may at first sound frightening or intimidating. The Torrance Memorial Cancer Resource Center is staffed by Advance Practice Nurses who specialize in the care of patients and families dealing with a cancer diagnosis. If you or a loved one is experiencing emotional distress or need information about any aspect of the cancer experience, contact the Cancer Resource Center at 310-517-4665. The Cancer Resource Center is in the lobby of the West Tower, across Medical Center Drive from the entrance to the Radiation Oncology Department. Walk-ins are welcome and all services of the Cancer Resource Center are free of charge.


The radiation oncology department offers the services of a licensed dietitian to provide nutritional guidance to keep your body fortified to heal. Recommendations can include foods to allay some side effects, keep weight on and maintain a healthy diet to aid in your treatment, recovery, and healthful living once your treatments are completed.

Safety and Quality

Every aspect of your treatment planning and delivery is given meticulous attention