When can I drive again?

It is very important to wait until you have received clearance to drive from your surgeon. Never drive while taking pain medication.

When can I shower?

Your surgeon will give you advice on how long you need to wait before you can safely shower without putting your incision at risk for infection. You may need to have a waterproof dressing applied before discharge.

When will I be fully recovered?

Every individual's recovery process is different but most patients have fully recovered after a period of three to six months.

For how long will I have pain?

Different patients experience different levels of post-operative pain but it is safe to say that your "bad" hip, knee or shoulder hurt more than will your recovery from surgery.

What are the major risks from the surgery?

All surgery carries some risk but most patients do not experience complications. Two potentially serious complications are infection and blood clots. We monitor patients closely and have you take certain precautions, which help prevent these complications from occurring. Learning how to prevent these complications on your own is an important reason why you should take the pre-surgery information sessions very seriously.