When Bones Connect Properly, So Do People

Few people get through life without injuring or experiencing some pain and discomfort in their bones, joints or muscles. Some of these orthopedic problems occur while playing sports, performing physical labor or taking a tumble, while others are the result of overuse, normal wear-and-tear or simply due to aging.

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Torrance Memorial offers one of the most comprehensive and advanced orthopedic care programs in Southern California. Our expert team is skilled in minimally-invasive treatments that get to you back to your family and friends faster and healthier. We are:

  • The only Orthopedics program in the South Bay ranked among the top hospitals in Los Angeles by U.S. News & World Report for Knee and Hip Replacement Surgery
  • The 5th largest private orthopedic hospital in Los Angeles County and recognized as a provider of extraordinary orthopedic care
  • One of just 16 hospitals in California designed as a CalPERS preferred center
  • Achieved Blue Cross Blue Shield's Blue Distinction Center designation for knee and hip replacement, and spine surgery

The New Epidemic:
"Text Neck"

Is looking at your phone damaging your spine?

Prevent "Text Neck" pain

More and more patients are experiencing neck, back and shoulder pain from constantly looking down at a mobile device. An increase in muscle spams and arthritis of the neck has caused alarm among orthopedists. Watch this video to understand the dangers of text neck and how to be more aware of your neck posture.

Terry Moore, Knee Replacement Patient

"It doesn't feel like a 66 year old knee anymore; it feels like a 20 year old knee..."