Making the Right Decision

Obesity Treatment OptionsAddressing your weight is an important first step towards making a change and living a healthier lifestyle. As an individual it is hard to know which treatment options will be best to treat your obesity. First understand, no two individuals are exactly alike, and no single weight-loss option works for everyone. There are many programs and choices when looking at weight loss options.

At Torrance Memorial Health System, we are dedicated in providing the safest and most effective treatment options for you, that addresses all aspects of your care, including medical, nutritional, behavioral and psychological support — all under one roof. Our treatment options include:

Medical Weight Loss Program

A weight loss program that blends education, support, medical monitoring and behavior modification techniques to help you reach and control long-term weight loss.

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Weight Loss Surgery

Torrance Memorial Medical Center is a leader in bariatric weight loss surgery, which addresses difficult cases of excessive weight. Trust an accredited and award-winning center of excellence to treat your obesity.

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