Torrance-South Bay YMCA & Torrance Memorial

Torrance-South Bay YMCA is now offering classes to help you lose weight and to improve your health for life. This behavior based 6-month program will teach you ways to eat healthy, burn more calories and improve your health. This new YMCA Weight Loss Program was designed for everyone, including people with Prediabetes and other chronic conditions related to weight gain.

Session topics include:

Burn more calories | Manage stress | More about carbs | Find time for fitness

  • Free sessions of small group training
  • Free long term support group for those who attended the program

Classes are available for everyone in the community.
Classes are offered at various times. Financial assistance is available.

The Weight is Over, Start Your Journey Today

Call 310-602-4909, email or fill out the form below for more information about YMCA Weight Loss Program.

Testimony from Liddi, a former Torrance-South Bay YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program member who is no longer prediabetic:

“I reached a peak weight of 240lbs at the time of enrollment in the program. Merely 3 months later, I had lost 26lbs of excess body weight and most recently, after 10 months later, I have lost a total of 52lbs, and most current value has been a total of 58 pounds. Under the guidance of this program, I have been able to achieve significant and sustained weight loss for the first time ever. “