You Labor, We Deliver

Torrance Memorial Medical Center offers 14 private Labor and Delivery rooms that provide the perfect environment for your family's birthing experience. Supportive and caring nurses are specially trained to assist you during this important time with the highest quality care for you and your baby.

  • Our unit is equipped with 14 private labor rooms, 4 antepartum rooms, 2 bed triage rooms, 3 ORs, and a 5-bed PACU.
  • We have an experienced team of registered nurses, many who are certified in their specialty of obstetrics, advanced fetal monitoring and lactation education.
  • Our dedicated anesthesiologists are available around the clock and have been specially trained in Labor and Delivery practices.
  • We offer TOLAC - a Trial of Labor after Cesarean so those mothers who wish to have a vaginal deliver after delivering cesarean section can do so.

Torrance Memorial is also proud to announce the commencement of our in-house Laborist group who provide 24/7 coverage to our Labor and Delivery unit. This means all patients will have access to obstetric and gynecological intensivists - from nurses to neonatologists. We have teamed together to ensure the highest patient safety and satisfaction.

The Golden Hour

The first hour of life is referred to as the "Golden Hour" for our new families. We support this special time by asking all visitors to step out of the room, allowing you and your newborn to be together. Your nursing staff is at your side to support this first bonding opportunity.

During the "Golden Hour" our nurses help our patients with "skin to skin" contact with their newborns. "Skin to skin" enhances the bonding that occurs during the first hour of life and allows the newborn to maintain optimal body temperature. If you have decided to breastfeed your newborn, this is the perfect time to start.

  • "Skin to skin" originated in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) as a way to help infants grow and thrive.
  • It was so successful in the NICU, this practice was quickly rolled out to include full-term babies.
  • Parents and nurses saw immediate benefits for full-term newborns as well, including bonding and improvement in the initiation of breastfeeding.
  • The "skin to skin" program is extremely popular here - we even have fathers taking advantage of this opportunity

Cesarean Sections

Should the need arise for your baby to be delivered via Cesarean Section, the Labor & Delivery staff is fully equipped to provide surgical options within the department.

  • Three designated, state-of-the-art surgical suites are available around the clock within the department.
  • Our focus is on the complete birthing experience and the health and safety of the mother and baby. Our goal is to keep the birthing process as normal as possible, even though a surgery component has been added.
  • Your birthing partner may be with you during the surgery, and you are given the same opportunity of having the "skin to skin" experience with your newborn during the "Golden Hour" in the recovery area.

Labor and Delivery Suites

Each of the 14 beautiful, private labor and delivery suites contains all of the equipment that might be necessary during delivery.

  • Equipment is stowed in the suite's armoire and cupboard, so there is no unnecessary activity in and out of the room during the birth. This allows the focus to be where it should be: on the birth experience itself.
  • Once delivery is complete, all of the equipment is immediately rolled back into their areas, allowing the new family to bond in a warm, peaceful environment.

Maternity Services Tours

To learn more about the facility and get acquainted with our medical staff, sign up for a walking Maternity Services Tour. Led by Labor and Delivery and Mother and Baby nurses, expectant parents can ask questions, tour delivery suites and Mother and Baby rooms. Personal, private tours of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) are also available for parents with higher-risk pregnancies.

Call 310-517-4702 to schedule and register for a Maternity Tour at Torrance Memorial.

Baby Chimes

Torrance Memorial Medical Center’s Labor and Delivery Unit celebrated in its first baby born in 2018 with a newly installed chime. The chime, which plays a lullaby melody, will help parents and other family members, particularly older siblings, to celebrate each new bundle of joy with a bit of fanfare. The button, which cues the chime to play, is located next to a newly installed ‘selfie wall’ in the unit, which adds to the experience by providing a cheerful backdrop for capturing photographs of one of life’s most precious moments.

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